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"Quiet place above all others upon a stream"*

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Missouri is named from the Native American nation bearing the name.  Missouri barely touches Nebraska as a neighbor state, however, it is a favorite place that Nebraskans in the Omaha area travel to.  It is because it has so much to offer and it is so easy to get to.  Before the Interstate system was completed in the 70s between Omaha and Kansas City, Omahans were already traveling the back roads to get to Kansas City, the Lake of the Ozarks, and St. Louis.  Omaha's major connection to St. Louis started in the 1850s when Ed Creighton completed the telegraph connection to St. Joseph, which was already connected to St. Louis, at the time the largest city west of the Mississippi.

"Welcome to Missouri, Where the Rivers Run."

That says a lot.  When you think about it, nearly all rainfall in the U.S. passes by Missouri.


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Kansas City is the great neighbor to the south.  The best blues can be found in Kansas City.  Nuthin' like K.C. Blues or the barbecue.  April 14th is Kotton Kandy day in Kansas City and I can tell you this ain't no kid's treat.  More

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To get to St. Louis from Kansas City, you take I-70.  Somewhere between is Branson and the Lake of the Ozarks area.  Branson has become the Las Vegas of country music.  All the stars you have heard of but don't hear so often on the country stations, they are here.  There are several clubs that feature Las Vegas like shows catering to the country music fan.  Branson is right next to the Lake of the Ozarks.

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The Lake of the Ozarks is surrounded with vacation catering businesses from camping to luxury stays such as the Tan Tar-A resort.  When you get inside the gates at Tan Tar-A you don't have to leave for anything from a loaf of bread to a $10,000 fur coat.  Several restaurants suit just about any cravings you could have.  Shops, shops, and more shops.

The lake itself is popular with skiers, fishers, or boating enthusiasts.  Beautiful country.

St. Joseph  (Pop: 76,691)   Back to the top of this page.

St Joseph is in northwestern Missouri.   St. Jo has a lot of history.  They are most famous for being where the James Gang were from.

St. Louis   Back to the top of this page.

St Louis is in the northeastern portion of Missouri.  Besides Chuck Berry, a lot of great music comes from St. Louis.  The Missouri and Mississippi meet there often.  Memphis is close, just to the north.

A favorite treat is to have a shake from Ted Drewe's Frozen Custards Stand at 6726 Chippewa St. So thick, you can stand on your head and it won't come back up.

And remember, St. Louis is where some of the best Jazz and Blues can be found.  From the riverboat gambling on the Mississippi, to the museums, to the galleries, to the St. Louis Cardinals, there is plenty to do in St. Louis.  For more information, you just need to explore St. Louis

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Nearby Historical Sites

Just east of St. Louis is the site of the largest pyramids found in North America, even larger than the ones in the plains of Giza, Egypt. The mounds of Cahokia on both sides of the Mississippi River are still a mystery to archeologists due to so little being done there, and the area being so widespread.


Find out even more?

For more information on Missouri, check out the Missouri Official State website.


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